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Submitted on
December 26, 2011


So, thanks to an awesome deviant by the name of Zani-alone and her even awesomer comic sequence I have been inspired to create a short comic strip myself of a similar sort, only featuring characters from Pocahontas. Since this project is a bit more comprehensive than the others I have done I thought I might publish parts of it while still in progress, so others can let me know if they think I'm on the right track. Wouldn't want to put this much time into something and completely fuck it up!

Anyway so far I have completed the script for my comic strip. Let me know what you all think. Oh, and Happy New Year!

Pocahontas Domino Spanking Sequence

Panel 1: After several years' absence, John Smith has finally returned to the Powhatan village and is looking for Pocahontas.
Smith: "Ah, finally back in Virginia. Pocahontas was right—I do belong here. And if I'm not mistaken she's been missing me just as much as I have her."

Panel 2: A little boy from the village hits Smith in the back of his helmet with a slingshot pellet and runs off laughing.
Smith: "Ow!"
Little boy: "Ha ha! I nailed the smelly yellow-haired man right in his big fat head!"
Other children: *laughing*
Smith: Hey, why you little... !

Panel 3: Smith is spanking the little boy. Pocahontas is approaching in the background.
Pocahontas: "Hey, what do you think you're doing to my son?!"
Thomas: "Yea, momma!"

Panel 4: Smith is spanking Pocahontas. Rolfe is approaching in the background.
Thomas: "No, momma!"
Smith: "You harlot! So you just go off and have a son without me?! Whatever happened to 'I'll always be with you forever'?"
Rolfe: "Hey! How dare you lay your hands on a lady, let alone my wife!" *draws sword*
Thomas: "Yea, daddy!"

Panel 5: Smith is spanking Rolfe with the flat of his own sword. Powhatan is approaching in the background.
Thomas: "No, daddy!"
Pocahontas: "John!"
Smith: "I thought that brat looked familiar!"
Rolfe: *in tears* "Now s-see here… !"
Powhatan: "Hey! What's going on over there?!"

Panel 6: Powhatan is spanking Smith (possibly with an arrow, undecided).
Powhatan: "I certainly hope you enjoyed that because that's the last time you'll ever spank anyone in this village."
Thomas: "Yea, grandpa!"
Pocahontas: *rubbing posterior* "Hmph, serves him right…"
Rolfe: *teary-eyed but pissed off* <thinking> Feel the burn, you bastard.
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MotorDebt83 Dec 26, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Although I am not really familiar with Pocahontas, this looks like fun. Spanking in 4/6 panels can't be bad. :)
it seems we're all agreed then >.>
Well you know I'm all down with making spanking comics! =D
yea i love a little plot with my ass beatings
Have you read any fics at my site? You might like them :P
fics about what?
Why spanking of course! :P
OH! okay then. are the characters original?
No, all the fics are fanfics :) You can check them out here: [link] There are lots of Loki spanked fics there :P Along with a lot of other fave characters I want to see spanked in TV, comics, and books ;)
could you kindly direct me to the fic that contains the most spanking?
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